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If you're a blonde, you need purple shampoo!!!

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     Working as a hair stylist, it's very important to me that every client's color lasts as long as possible, even more so with blondes. Its very easy for a nice cool, ashy blonde to turn yellow, orange, or gold over time. A lot of factors can come into play with this. Such as washing your hair with hard water, using to many hot tools without any heat protectant, or even using a hair serum over and over again that is too yellow or orange in color. Lets face it, no one wants yellow, orange hair. So what do we do to make sure that  it doesn't happen? GET A PURPLE SHAMPOO!!!!!!

     A purple shampoo is just that, literally shampoo that is purple in color. The purple color helps to nautralize any yellow, warm tones in the hair and leave the hair a nice ashy blonde. Now this doesn't mean that this will completely tone your hair like toner would, but it's a great alternative to use in-between salon visits for toners. Also another great thing about purple shampoos is that you only use them as needed so a bottle should last you awhile depending on how much hair you have and how much shampoo you use. 

     I've been blonde for about five years nows and I've gone through so many  different purple shampoo . Some purple shampoos smell really good but they leave your hair feeling very dry. Some smell horrible and don't seem to do anything at all. One of my all time favorites purple shampoos is Blonda shampoo by unite. It smells like grape and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry at all. 

Heres a few tips and tricks on using a purple shampoo 

  1. if your hair is super porous don't leave the purple shampoo in too long as it can turn your hair light purple or silver.
  2. If you're a medium blonde leave the purple shampoo in your hair a little longer as there are more yellow tones in medium blonde hair.
  3. Try mixing purple shampoo and your favorite conditioner together and leave on your hair for a few minutes. i the conditioner will help deposit more purple tones into the hair. (I've done this so many times)