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Balayage vs. Ombre

     OK ladies we all know that we have heard these terms in the past couple of years, and chances are that you went to your hair stylist asking for either of them but do you know the difference? or is there a difference? Well lets go ahead and jump back a few years or so.

      The term "balayage" is a french word which mean to sweep. When getting Balayage done at the salon you usaully see the stylist taking a section of hair and sweeping lightner or color on the section of hair in order to give a nice blended product. The technique was first seen in the early 70's at a salon called "carita". With should an amazingly natural, end result.

     Now ombre´ is also a french word which means "shaded". Its the transitioning of dark shades or color to light shades of color. it become more popular around 2010 when we started seeing celebrities like Khole Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and even the queen bey her self beyonce having a darker root and lighter ends. Now it wasn't until about the last four years or so that the term balayage became known the to general public. It was seen more so as another trend.

      With all that being said the onlydiffrance between the two is simple. Balayage is a technique and ombre is the look. The transitioning of have a darker base color and lighter ends.