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Are you getting a real Brazilian blowout?



     As a hair stylist in southern California I come across a lot of women who have damaged their hair by over processing their hair either themselves, having a really bad salon visit or just refuse to keep up with the maintenance. We all wish that we could just get up and go in the morning but lets be real, that's a hard thing to do when you don't have the time or energy to go to the salon for trims or deep conditioning treatment as often as you should. We all search far and wide for those miracle products that will just make doing our hair easier. Some of them we love and some of them will continue to sit on our bathroom counter tops until the end of time... or at least till we can't stand seeing them any more. During our search for a product that will make our daily routines a lot easier, we stumble across Brazilian blowout.

     So you do the research on the Brazilian blowout and every thing sounds amazing. You book an appointment at the closest salon that offers the Brazilian blowout and you leave feeling amazing. Your hair has become child like again. Amazingly shinny, soft, tangle and frizz free. Couple months go bye and you find someone else who claims that they do the Brazilian blowout for cheaper so naturally you book an appointment with them. However you notice that this time the whole process is different. They tell you that you can't go swimming, can't go to the beach, can't work out, can't put your hair in a ponytail. So you think to your self why all the restrictions this time? Well i'll tell you why. Its because you just wasted your money on something that's not a true Brazilian blowout.

     Brazilian blowout is like that high end designer bag that everyone wants but doesn't want to spend the money on. So they settle on the knock off, remember you get what you pay for. A lot of times stylist will offer a Brazilian blowout out but are actually preforming a different type of smoothing treatment because its cheaper for the stylist and usually a faster process. So how can I tell if it's the real deal? Well i'll tell you. 

     For starters the Brazilian blowout comes in a brown bottle that says Brazilian blowout on it. Ask your stylist if theres any down time. If they say that you can't do anything to your hair for a couple days then run as fast as you can because thats not a real Brazilian blowout. Brazilian blowouts don't have any down time. Meaning that you can wash, swim, go to the beach etc... that very same day if you wanted to. All other smoothing treatments require down time.

     Heres the benefits of a Real Brazilian blowout

  1. smother hair 
  2. less frizz
  3. manageable hair 
  4. Adds shine 
  5. cuts down blow dry time 
  6. great for all hair types